Don’t you hate when it’s been so long since logging on that the new interface confuses you?

7 05 2010

I have decided to resume doing this blog stuff again, but at a different site.  This specific blog will always exist, but this is the last post here for sure.

Steak good….

19 01 2010

Most people that know me (and I mean really know me, not just say “Hey, I know that guy!”) are aware of my love/hate relationship with food.  While I do enjoy eating tasty food products, I also hate having to take time out of my day to eat.

Perhaps that’s not the best way to describe it;  I like to eat food, but I hate having to spend time (and money) trying to decide what to eat.  Along with that, there is the whole idea of “what is good for me?”

Back in the day, this wasn’t an issue.  People were glad just to have food and not starve to death.  This is still the case in some parts of the world.

Since I don’t live in those parts of the world, I have choices to make.  These choices really irk me the wrong way (The spell check didn’t think “irk” was NOT a word, so I’m going with it).

For example, I recently read this article, about how vegetarians are ignorant that their own dietary lifestyle is killing them.  I’m sure I could do a little more research and find an article (or 4,239 articles) about how eating meat is bad.

How am I supposed to make an informed decision if nobody knows what’s up?  Right now I am believing that eating more meat is good for you, as humans evolved eating bison and mastodons (or so those silly paleontologists want you to think).  It makes sense to me that most vegetables are not meant to be eaten and digested by anything other then strict herbivores like cows, sheep, and the like.

I think fruits are still okay to eat, as they would have been part of the foraging diet our hairy ancestors (more hairy then me) would have nom’ed on from time to time.

What does this all mean?  Am I going on some kind of Caveman/Paleo-Diet?  Probably not.  I still have way to many tubs of hummus, clam shells of cucumbers, jars of Greek peppers, and bags of pitas to eat right now.

What do YOU, the reader think of this nutritional nonsense?  Is meat bad for you?  Are soybeans going to give us cancer?

Of all the dumb crap to happen…

9 10 2009

It seems that I was unable to edit or post anything on this site because I had a link to some gold buying websites.  I wasn’t trying to make money, just link to the sites I was writing about.  Now that I broke those hyperlinks, I can resume blogging.

Also, it was not those violations of WordPress user agreements that has kept me from writing anything, it’s the long dreary summer I was going through.

Remember how I was going through the teacher credentialing program?  Last March I had to abandon that idea due to circumstances beyond my control.  Maybe they were not totally beyond my control, but either way the idea of me being any sort of legitimate school teacher is out of the question for now.

I spent nearly five months looking for work.  Any work.  Janitor, errand boy, pizza guy, etc.  Nobody was hiring.  I had a few promising interviews, but with so many people looking for jobs there was always somebody more qualified.  I’m not talking about interviews for janitor or pizza guy, but serious grown-up jobs that I am somehow capable of doing.

On top of the unemployment, I was dealing with some issues that only one of them expensive therapists could handle.  Issues mostly relating to my inability to perform as a teacher, something which I had spent the last 5 years of my life preparing for.  I was under the impression that I was a useless human being, a failure at life, etc.

Anyway, now that the worst is behind me, I feel much better about life again.  I have been substitute teaching in Coalinga (yes, that little town 70 miles from Fresno), and Corinne and I are preparing to move into a new apartment.  This apartment is bigger then our house, and the rent is $600 cheaper then our mortgage payment.

Take that faulty real estate market!

I’m not sure if there will be regular posts, weekly posts, or anything at all for that matter.  Maybe life isn’t as fun as it used to be.  Nobody want’s to hear about how I came home from work, had dinner, and went to bed at 8pm so I can get by 5am.  I know I wouldn’t want to hear about that sort of dreary existence.

Me v. Man v. Food

16 04 2009

I was watching Man v. Food last night, specifically the episode where he eats and drinks his way through San Jose.

One challenge was at SmokeEaters Hot Wings.  Details inside.

I’m pretty sure I can handle that challenge.  In fact, I plan to.

The way I see it, he screwed himself when he got the sauce all over his face and hands.  Watch the episode, you’ll see what I mean.

This isn’t something I can just walk up to though.  It will require a few weeks of training.

To prepare, I went and got some “hot” salsa.  It claims to have three kinds of peppers in it.  Whatever.

I added Dat’l Do-it Habanero Heat Wave, Dave’s Insanity Sauce, El Yucoteco, Mad Anthony’s, and another secret ingredient.

Love.  I added Love.

I was considering grinding up some habanero peppers into a paste and adding it to the salsa, but that will be phase two.  Phase three involves me gargling with said raw habanero paste and holding it for five minutes.

Yes, I ate some of the salsa already.  No, I don’t feel well at all.

Fresno TEA bagging

15 04 2009

There was a TEA party in Fresno today, at the SaveMart parking lot.  I drove past it as I was leaving campus.

I was on campus to get a TB skin test, which I need to work for any school district, by the way.

I don’t get why people are so against paying taxes.  If the government wants to take a few more dollars out of every paycheck to make things better, that’s great.

I don’t feel as though I’m taxed so heavily right now that a few more dollars is going to make a difference.  In fact, from what I’ve noticed, I generally get a hefty tax refund back every year.  I look forward to it.

The only tax that actually bothers me is the recent hike in cigarette prices.  Over $6 for a pack?  That’s crazy.

Paying an extra few bucks every now and then for the good of the nation?  That sounds like a good idea.

It seems as though the TEA parties were organized by conservatives to protest rising taxes.  The Right is SO American that they are rebelling against taxation, just like the Founding Fathers did back in the day.

Next thing you know they will be slaughtering Native Americans and buying African slaves just because they can.

I mean, fuck, man.  It’s just a few dollars.

It’s not like there is any sort of law that requires us to pay taxes.

Oh crap…never mind.

Reverend Minias

26 03 2009

For at least 20 minutes, Reverend Minias was stationed behind his pulpit. He was ranting and raving about eternal Hellfire, the condemnation of sinners, the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the roads that were paved with gold in Heaven. This was nothing unusual for this particular preacher, and he had given many similar sermons on many similar Sundays.

His congregation was the usual bunch; those that came every Sunday, those that came every now and then, and those that only showed up on holidays. Today was a holiday, Easter Sunday to be exact. Among those in the pews were children, adults, elderly individuals, and everything in between.

Towards the back of the Church a young couple was having a private conversation via electronic wireless methods Read the rest of this entry »

The Pitsword Trunk

19 03 2009

What was nice about being an Interior Communications Electrician is the amount of time I got to spend in clean, comfortable, air conditioned spaces throughout the ship.

Except for those times when I found myself in spaces that were dirty and hazardous to one’s health…which was most of the places we worked in, now that I think about it.

One place in particular I came to loath was the Electromagnetic Underwater Log Rodmeter Compartment, more commonly known (by us, at least) as the Pitsword Trunk.

It was an unusual space, about 4 feet by 4 feet by 15 feet.  At the top was a hatch, which weighed about as much as a small humanoid (think Verne Troyer), which needed be kept closed at all times (except when somebody was in there working).  You would climb a ladder down about 6 feet, and step onto a narrow, slimy shelf.  From there, there was another ladder which went down to the bottom, which was generally covered by about a foot of seawater.

What was the purpose of this room?  Glad you asked.  Check this out.

Sounds high tech, doesn’t it?  Don’t get the wrong impression.  Until VERY recently, most military equipment Read the rest of this entry »