Ape to “Man”

7 08 2005

I just watched “Ape to Man” on the History Channel. Its about man’s 150000 year evolution from a primate-ish hominid to the humans we exist as today. I don’t really believe that humans evolved from apes, but thats not the point I’m going to discuss.

Missing Link

The conclusion features the “more advanced” Homo sapiens pretty much hunting down the remaining “less advanced” Neanderthals as the H. sapiens moved farther and farther into Northern Eurasia, where the Neanderthals still dwelt.

It rather reminded me of the modern white man trying to exterminate any non-white minorities that are thought to be inferior. Genocide, slavery, etc.

As this program makes it seem, Homo sapiens made an effort to hunt down and destroy all that they deemed inferior, including their closest intelligent relatives. I don’t know about you, but I found this ABSOLUTELY FUCKING IRONIC. Now some of you may argue about my usage of that word, but I stick to it believing that it gets my point across.

Thats why I dont claim to be white. I always check “other.”




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