Out of the closet.

9 01 2006

At long last, I have come out of the closet. Come out of the closet as in I finished renovating it, not that other thing.

This is what it looked like when we bought the place. Well, it was probably full of garbage, I can’t remember. Everything else was, so why not the closet? The rack you see is just like the one on the other wall that you cant see, just as is the upper shelving. And the paint job on the wall? Thats how it was, bare plaster with some patches where somebody probably tried to hammer in a nail where there was no stud.

This is what I have created. I fixed the random holes in the walls and painted the space all the same color (Callalilly semi-gloss). I put the racks on one side, leaving the other side open for lots of shelving, and I left a space on the end for the vacccuum (sic) cleaner and other such tall storeables. Well, not really. I just didn’t have the means to make the shelving go all the way across to the other door jam, so I left a 16 inch gap of shelves. Yes, it was all part of my master plan.

This is what the living room (formerly the “front room”) looked like when we got the house. Its also what it looks like when a bad photographer takes pictures.


All I did recently was refinish the hardwood floor, move the cable TV outlet, and replace the old electrical outlets and switches. But now, this is the living room. The new door was put in by contractors, I don’t mess with doors. Yes, the room is messy, but people live here. Again, El Chupacabra is in the picture.

During this break from school, I had four major goals. Refinish the hardwood floor in the “front room,” renovate the closet, renovate the kitchen, and put a roof on the porch. I have completed three of the four. I have already pulled out the old cabinets, put in the new ones, and I am waiting on my kitchen counter top to be delivered, and until then I can put fake hardwood over the real hardwood that is covered with alternating layers of asbestos tile and lynn-o-lee-um (sic).
Yeah, the roof on the porch is done (Thanks Anthony), but its not much to look at, so I didn’t take any pictures of it (its a roof, it’s not like you can see it unless you’re on the roof).




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28 03 2008
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2 04 2008
Joe Drinker

Wow…the renovations make a world of difference. Is that a trap door in the before photo of the front room?

2 04 2008

It’s a floor furnace. You wouldn’t know about those living in the Valley of the Sun.

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