Dreams of late.

28 01 2006

Lately, I’ve been having these crazy dreams. I say lately, because my whole life I never really had crazy dreams, just super short segments of dreams that made no sense. Now I’m having dreams with plots, characters, and a budget. Heres the latest.

Myself, Corinne, and somebody else (possibly Maggie) are entering Lowe’s for whatever reason. The two girls seem to be dressed up all goofy, like it’s the future from Back to the Future II. I can’t tell what I’m wearing (I am not naked though). The third person who may or may not be Maggie says that me and Corinne’s anniversary is coming up. Corinne agrees, and proceeds to buy US a Lowe’s gift card. I verbally berate Corinne, explaining how its not cool for her to buy US a Lowe’s gift card that I’ll inevitably end up using to buy crap to fix OUR house. Its like buying expensive tools for your wife for her birthday, just so you can use them and had a good excuse to buy them.

Anyway, as the Lowe’s merchant hands the gift card to Corinne (apparently I lost that fight) in a small brown bag (weird place for a gift card), A guy reaches over both of us and takes the bag, then proceeds to run out of the store. This guy is unknown to all of us, but I got the impression that I’ve seen him before (in reality, not in my dream). He reminds me of the guy that I saw the other night working one of the beer booths at the Save Mart Center, and I remember this same guy from a Biology class I had over the summer at FCC. He’s got some kind of vision problem, and it appears as though his eyes are always darting around looking for something to focus on. He would use a little telescope in class to read the front board. And now that I think about it, I have delivered pizza to this guy too, he had a fairly upscale house (or at least his parents do). He has never recognized me outside of the classroom, even though we have exchanged a few words in class. I blame this on his poor eyesight, along with the fact that I look different now then I did during that class.

So this guy with the shifty eyes grabs the bag containing the gift cards and runs out the door. I shout out “Stop!” or “Get Him!” or something like that, and either a Lowe’s employee or a security guard realize what’s happening and start the chase. The shifty eyed guy (I wish I could remember his name, I used to know it) gets in a large truck, like an F-150 or an Explorer, and starts weaving through the parking lot trying to escape. Now there are other security guards and possibly cops chasing this guy through the parking lot. I’m chasing this guy on foot, because he’s not driving that fast seeing as how it’s a fairly crowded parking lot. It seems to be the parking lot outside of Target in River Park, not the one outside of Lowe’s.

Next thing that happens is the guy backs into a space trying to turn around, and a cop runs up to his window and stops him. I’m still running up to the scene, and before I get there the cop already let the guy drive off, with my “anniversary present.” I ask the cop why he let him go, and he claims that the guy was “spitting everywhere” and “talking nonsense.” So the guy was crazy, that’s a good reason to let him drive off.

So now I’m someplace totally different (in the dream). I’m in a room with a large, in-ground Jacuzzi surrounded by all kinds of televisions. Or maybe its one big television showing several different images. That’s irrelevant. In the Jacuzzi with me are (why does my auto spell check keep capitalizing the word “Jacuzzi?”) some people that are seemingly close friends, because I’m telling them the story of what happened at Lowe’s. After I explain what went on, I get the impression that the shifty eyed thief was sitting in this same Jacuzzi prior to committing his crime. I get a flash of the X-Files like when Mulder figures something out, and I feel smart. Anyway, I tell everybody to get out of the water, and turn off the jets and bubbles. I say that there has to be something in the water. Sure enough, as the water clears up, there is a small sting ray swimming around the bottom. Then I wake up.




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