Another dream

10 02 2006

I was sitting on the couch in living room….or was about to, when I saw two kids coming to the door. I figured they were selling something, and not wanting to deal with them, I ducked in front of the couch, laying on the floor. I could still see the front door and front window. Both dogs were in the house, I know this because Sara alias El Chupacabra was standing on the coffee table looking down at me. Despite the kids knocking on the door, neither dog was barking.

The kids go away, seeing as how I didn’t answer the door. I get up, only to see a car or truck in the driveway, and two tall men returning with the kids. I duck in front of the couch again. One of the men begins to pick the lock on the door, and he succeeds. I figure that when I stand up, these suspects will realize that there IS somebody home, and either leave, say the door was open and make up some lame story, or kill me. They do nothing of the sort. They just walk in, make their intentions clear, and start taking things, reminding me who is in charge by flashing a butterfly knife every now and then. Not a gun, or a super soaker loaded with anthrax or smallpox (to which I’m immune, thank you US Military), but a small, somewhat unimpressive butterfly knife.

I remember to note their appearances, as I will have to call the police when they are done. Both men are very tall, and rather large. The one I primarily deal with has short, buzzed red hair, glasses, and that’s all I can remember. Good description, I know. The other one is dressed like the demon in Jeepers Creepers, maybe he looks like him too, I can’t remember his face.

First off, I remember pointing out a cool, expensive Star Wars-ish toy I had sitting on the shelf in the dining room, hoping that they would take it and not much else. Apparently I felt as though I could part with that item, and I probably could seeing as how in reality I own nothing of the sort. One of the kids picked it up, and both of them walked outside arguing over it. My plan worked! Sort of. Now just don’t take my other stuff that I actually don’t want stolen. The Buddha wouldn’t care if he got robbed, huh? He probably wouldn’t have anything to steal to begin with anyway. I should try to work on stuff reduction, so if I do get robbed, I won’t care.

Next, I remember being in a room that isn’t in my house, having to help the red haired guy remove a dresser that isn’t mine. So of course, I’m happy he’s taking this dresser and not anything of mine. And I’m glad that we’ve teleported to a different house to continue this robbery.

Unfortunately, this house must have belonged to Joe and TK (well, probably TK and then Joe), because there was a picture of them on the dresser. If they actually keep a picture of themselves on their dresser, I don’t know.

Now that I think about it, there is a stack of wallet photos on Corinne’s dresser, and in that stack is Joe and TK’s engagement picture. So maybe it was Corinne’s dresser we were moving, just in a different house. You gotta love dream continuity.

Anyway, I ask the guy why he’s taking Joe and TK’s dresser.

“Who?” Asked the man in the red buzzed hair.

I point out the picture of them and say “Joe and TK.”

“That Mexican guy?” responds buzzed hair head.

“He’s Asian….more or less.” I said. Mr. Buzzy Red Head then flashed his butterfly knife at me again, flipping it around and around, eventually it opened up. Show off.

At that point, I woke up. So, like 25 minutes ago, I woke up. I would have liked to go back to sleep, but I was thinking about how Corinne was in the shower and hadn’t turned on the bathroom vent fan yet. When she finally did, it was to late, I was awake for the day.

I quickly took inventory of my house. From bed, I mean. I didnt actually get up yet. I was thinking about what would get stolen if we were robbed, and only 2 things came to mind. Well, 4 really, but only 2 of them are actually expensive. Besides the cars, I’m only talking about stuff inside the house. Both items are electronic in nature and are in the same room, although you have to know where the most expensive one is hidden. Its not a super secret spot by any means, but it is still in a place you wouldn’t really look.

But I’ve lost focus of the dream. Its gone forever now, except in what I just wrote. Thats why I’m writing this crap down. I’m sick of being robbed of my own memories, and I want a refund on all dreams I’ve forgotten.




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