13 08 2006

Apparently, Bill Pullman (not Paxton) made a movie in 2003 called “Rick.” Its supposed to be a modern adaptation of that famous opera “Rigoletto.” Having never seen that opera, I can only assume that it sticks to the story. Probably not though.

Like I say, there isn’t really a movie I can watch that I cant predict what will happen. This movie was no exception. It had some amusing moments, mostly from Pullmans character. Can you guess his name? The character in question is supposed to be a rich, assholeish Wall Street type. He pulls it off well, and I was laughing at his assholeishness. Thats two new words that involve “asshole” in the same paragraph. Good for me.

I’m not going to bother to explain the plot. Overall, its not worth seeing unless its free. In my case, it was. So if you want to see it, go ahead, but you better not pay money for it.




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