Another Dream, long overdue

28 09 2006

At first, I was in what was supposed to be me and Corinne’s bedroom. It wasn’t the bedroom in this house, thats for sure. I commented on how one of the walls needed to be drywalled and plastered because it was just the wooden frame exposed. That was weird, because we were already living in the house….and we were sitting in bed when I mentioned the wall.

So, me being me, decide to figure out why the exposed wooden beams were painted white. I find a switch near the wall that I never noticed before, and when I push it, the white wooden beams turn sideways and seal up the wall. I think thats a wonderful thing, as I no longer have to fix the wall.

I then notice that the windows on the loft part of the bedroom are all open. Like I said, this isnt my house. So I go to close them, and find another switch I never noticed before. Not only does this switch control the opening and closing, but it controls the tinting of the windows. I can have them be blacked out or totally clear. Again, I’m glad to have discovered this because now I don’t have to…manually close the windows I guess.

Some more stuff happened in the house, but I can’t remember exactly what. I think it had something to do with the dogs, but its lost forever now.

But thats not the weird part of the dream. I leave the house, and am being chased by Kathy Bates from her role in “Misery.” Its not just me being chased, but other people as well. Not like a straight out foot race or anything, but its more a cat and mouse game in the neighborhood, which then moves into a big city. As it turns out, I live in NY or LA because I end up catching a taxi to elude Kathy Bates.

Catching the cab was rather memorable. There were about 4 taxis across the street, but I didnt want to call for them or run towards them as Kathy might see me. So I walk up to the one that looked least expensive (the first two were Lincoln Towncar taxis) and get inside. The driver tells me to get out. So I do, and one of the Towncar taxi drivers tells me to get in.

There are already two people in the back seat, so I get in the front. In the back is Cuba Gooding Jr. and some random blond woman. Apparently we were all trying to run from Kathy Bates, who now is driving a red 1994 Explorer Sport (my last car, if you don’t know me that well). So off we go, away from Kathy Bates.

Cuba Gooding Jr. tells the cab driver to lose the Explorer, and he says “Fuck it” or something like that, then starts running red lights, losing Kathy Bates in the process.

Then I woke up….half an hour early unfortunately. Kathy Bates, you owe me half an hour of sleep. Maybe I’ll watch Fried Green Tomatoes tonight to get whats coming to me.