I’d say her name, but I don’t want people stalking her.

15 12 2006

This week, I only had two students. I had 3 two hour lessons with my new favorite worst student. When I picked her up for her first lesson on Tuesday, it was her first time driving ever. Yeah, one of those.

She picked up on things reasonably quickly, but she did something I think could be one of the worst, yet funniest reactions to a sudden scare.

We were driving up Blackstone, and out of nowhere all the traffic just stopped. It even surprised me. She hit her brake, I hit mine, and she squealed in terror. Also, she put on her right turn signal. Not like accidentally put it on, but reached over with her left hand and turned it on while we were in the process of stopping.

So we were sitting there, stopped in traffic, signaling for a right turn. I asked why she turned it on, and all she could do was giggle about it. Honestly, all I could do was try not to laugh at her face.

Also something of note, she ALMOST broke my right front wheel. She was pulling into a parking spot, the diagonal kind with those little individual cement barriers at the front. Instead of hitting the brake to stop the car, she hit the gas. We shot forward and came to rest in the dirt beyond the parking spot, leaving tire drag marks and everything.

Had she actually parked correctly and between the lines, there is no doubt that she would have hit that little cement barrier thing and completely broken the rim. Good thing she cant aim the car and ended up taking up to spots, insuring that the cement barrier passed under the car.

Damn ditsy rich girls. Damn them all to hell!




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