Crazy stuff

15 02 2007

I had another odd dream last night.

However, I can only remember the part closest to when I woke up.

This girl who was in a class of mine said that she didn’t need me as a study partner anymore because she found somebody as dumb as her to study with. Those aren’t her exact words, just translated from “womenspeak.”

I told her that since I never really studied anyway, I’m not offended or anything. She was treating the whole thing like we were breaking up or something.

Whats weird is that the classroom we were in I have never seen before except in a previous dream. In that dream, me and this girl were assigned to work on a project and she wanted to study for the upcoming test with me because she is dumb and can’t remember things that she (or her parents) is paying at least $1500 a semester for.

Again, not her words, just translated.

So I had a sequel to a dream. Weird stuff. Has that every happened to anybody else?