Bigfoot Ale

8 03 2007

Some of you may recall that the other day I became rather drunk after drinking 3 Sierra Nevada “Bigfoot Ale.” I claimed that I became so quickly intoxicated because I had only a sandwich for breakfast at about 9am, and was active all day doing yard work.

After some research, I have come to find out that the Bigfoot Ale is a “barley wine” style ale. Barley wine is considered one of the stronger ales, with such brewer chosen names as Bigfoot, Chaotic Chemistry, Druid Fluid, Grim Reaper, Monster, and Old Foghorn. Most regular beers are between 3-4 alcohol by volume, with some reaching 5 or 6. Bud Ice, for example, is over 5% by volume if I remember my Navy drinking days correctly. Bigfoot Ale is 9.6%.

As the name “barley wine” implies, this is a high alcohol content beverage. It actually is supposed to get better with age.

Also, its best saved for nights that you don’t require you to wake up the next morning.

Check out the Sierra Nevada page for Bigfoot Ale




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24 01 2008
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