Higher Education

14 05 2007

I’m still working my way through essays, this one asking “By focusing on the readings of Richard Rodriguez in Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez, and W.E.B. Dubois’s An ABC of Color examine the moral and intellectual issues surrounding ideas about “private vs. public life,” “complexion,” “the color line,” “the veil,” and “double-consciousness.” Discuss the conflicts and contradictions that non-white racial/ethnic groups face in embracing their heritage, history, and cultural lifestyles.”

Whats weird is what this education is doing to me. No longer am I just smart because I’m an asshole about it, I’m now educated because I have the college credits to prove it.

As I was writing about “complexion,” and “the veil,” that fat Mexican dude (and his kid) that lives at the other end of the block walked by. There is no way to describe him except that he is fat, and he is Mexican. He might enjoy listening to NPR, but I can’t tell that about him by his appearance.

Anyway, here I am writing an essay about how a skinny gay Mexican writer was culturally isolated from his family as well as his heritage, and and a fat, not gay Mexican (insert his career choice here) walks by. I have no doubt that this fat guy is not feeling “culturally isolated” and “ethnically distanced.” Why? Because chances are that the fat Mexican has not gone through grad school.

What’s my point? What will this higher education do to me? Am I bound to be displaced from my own ethnic heritage? Probably not, because as most of you know I’m not really tied to my “ethnic heritage” unless its convenient or suits an immediate need. (“Don’t tell me how pasta, pizza, or arancino is supposed to taste, I’m Sicilian dammit!”)

Since I’m not really culturally tied to my ethnicity, what will I become displaced from as I continue with my education?

By the way, I can’t stand that fat Mexican dude. Not because he is fat or Mexican, but because his kid is REALLY fat. If ever there was a poster child for childhood diabetes, his fat kid is the child. I know I’m not exactly male model material, but DAMN that kid is fat. Whats even weirder is that often he is without a shirt, playing with his friends (who are either cousins or siblings) in the middle of the street. Anyway, this little kid pisses me off because he is so fat. Is that wrong?




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