If only I could fall asleep in under 20 minutes…

17 05 2007

Napping is good for the workday. Europe has known that for ages. The United States has always frowned on mid-day naps. And leave it to the USA to encourage the rest of the world that naps are counterproductive, when clearly they are not.

I think naps are a great idea, unfortunately for me the 20-30 minute nap period would be occupied by me trying to fall asleep, only to have to “wake up” feeling worse then I was.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only person incapable of falling asleep anywhere but a bed. Call me spoiled, but unless I am laying down on a bed, I can’t fall asleep. Unless, I’m VERY drunk or drugged up or otherwise chemically altered, don’t expect me to fall asleep.

As much as I love cats, I hate those little bastards for being able to fall asleep ANYWHERE. Even you people that can fall asleep sitting up and in other such ridiculous positions, I hate you all too.




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