Louisana Hot Sauce: Round 2

17 05 2007

Not wanting to leave the good state of Louisiana with a reputation for bad hot sauce, I decided to give it another try.

Also, that whole claim of “ONE DROP DOES IT” is bugging me. How can one drop “do it?” What exactly is this one drop supposed to do? It surely didn’t provide what a good hot sauce would should.

Not wanting to just drink the stuff (I would have to clean a shot glass, then rinse it when I’m done, and that is clearly too much effort to put into this), I decided to put in on a better vehicle for hot sauce: “Kwei-Mai Homemades Pot Sticker.” Not only are these things tasty, but they will do less to diminish the taste of the hot sauce. Usually, when I eat them, I dunk them in chili oil (that red stuff in the little jars at Chinese restaurants), not to hide the flavor of the pot sticker, but because I like spicy stuff (in case you didn’t know).

I don’t look at food, I just eat it.


The pot sticker submerged in Louisiana Hot Sauce was pretty good. I still didn’t get much flavor. I finally got some heat though. Not hot heat, just heat. Whatever that means. I’ll take back half bad stuff I said about the sauce. I don’t care which half though.





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