Louisiana Hot Sauce

17 05 2007



Upon biting into my second Boca sangwich, I am greeted with nothing. There is a vague hot sauce flavor, no heat though.

Later, there is a trace of faint heat in the throat, as if I ate the sauce a few minutes ago and its fading away. There is still no flavor.

Afterwards, my stomach is slightly displeased. No more displeased then if I had eaten a garlic fry or a single grape coated with black pepper. Don’t ask.

Overall: In Louisiana, “hot” must mean “cold.” I need to find some Louisiana “cold” sauce, maybe that will provide some burn. I had no idea that Louisiana was a Bizzaro state.

The bottles claim it to be “The Perfect Hot Sauce.” That is clearly a lie. It is not the perfect hot sauce, because if it was, it would at least be hot. It also says “ONE DROP DOES IT.” Another lie. Louisiana is full of lying, cheating, no good half ass French people that can’t make hot sauce. What exactly is “ONE DROP” going to do? I’m pretty sure I could down a shot of this stuff. Even then, “ONE SHOT DOESN’T DO IT.”

Sure, Tabasco is pretty good, but they don’t claim to be from Louisiana, so they’re still cool. Besides, I think that Tabasco is considered a “pepper” sauce anyway.




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29 12 2008

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