Grace Hot Pepper Sauce

18 05 2007

Initially, there is no flavor or heat, just like the other sauces I’ve tried.

After a while, my mouth and throat are hot and my stomach is trembling. There is no flavor other then what mace or pepper spray [probably] tastes like.

Afterwards, my mouth was hot but cooled off quickly. It is still nice and warm, though. My stomach almost hurts.

Overall: Again, this is a sauce I’ve had before, and I know its quite hot by itself. I have put it on fried chicken, and the results left my lips and mouth burning for almost 20 minutes. Its amazing how much these Boca Burgers are able to reduce heat.

This is the sauce I “acquired” from a Jamaican friend of mine. Grace is made in Jamaica and imported elsewhere. This particular bottle was from New York City, and at 99 cents a bottle its quite a bargain.

The ingredients first list “capsicum peppers.” Thats a broad category, as all hot peppers are capsicum peppers. My friend told me that the peppers used in Grace sauce are called “bonnet pepper” in Jamaica. She means scotch bonnet peppers, which are in the same family as habanero peppers. Scotch bonnets are found mainly on the Caribbean islands, and any “jerk” seasoning has bonnets as a primary ingredient.

We are in the process of obtaining more bottles from my friends people in NYC, because this stuff has a good burn on the right foods. The picture above shows the bottle almost empty, and thats all my doing for the most part. The whole bottle has been consumed by myself (and a few others) over a few months of irregular usage (Pretty much whenever I’m over at her house eating things that need hot sauce.)

However, about a quarter of the bottle was used at once in making a barbecue sauce for ribs. That was some good sauce, any everybody enjoyed it. Except two girls, that is, who still complain about the day they ate those “really freaking hot ribs.”




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28 05 2007
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[…] a hit. At least it was among the guys and, of course, the Jamaican girl from whom I borrowed the Grace Pepper Sauce. As usual, the other girls found it “too hot.” Silly girls. Besides the tri-tip, the […]

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