Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Pepper Sauce

22 05 2007

With the first bite, I can feel the heat. It’s a stationary heat though, as it stays in the spot that it first touched, burning a hole like acid blood from a xenomorph. Fortunately, it didn’t burn through because I have a leathery man-mouth. Not my joke, but still amusing.  Neither is that one, but oh well.

Halfway into the burger, the heat is still there, as is the odor/flavor. This is the kind of flavor that you can taste in your nose. Pungent is the word, I believe. Its pretty nice, kind of like a Caribbean jerk flavor.

Afterwards, my mouth is burning, and every time I swallow it travels down my throat. Very nice. Brother Bru-Bru didn’t do anything adverse to my stomach, which is a good thing.

Overall: This is my new favorite. Much more enjoyable then any of the other sauces I’ve had. And you can’t beat the look of the guy on the label. Man, is he happy to be holding a bottle of his own hot sauce or what?

Now I only ate this meal out of necessity, as I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat next with my work schedule. In other words, I wasn’t hungry, so I had to kind of choke the burger down. Despite the force feeding, it was quite enjoyable thanks to Brother Bru-Bru and his magical hot pepper sauce from Africa.




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