The “Altered” tag

24 05 2007

In case nobody has noticed (and I’m assuming nobody has since I have maybe 8 readers), the “altered” tag is put on posts that  involve me being drunk or in an otherwise chemically altered state of mind.

Whats funny (to me) is that when you do a tag search for “altered,” only three blogs come up.  My own (duh), some blog that is written in German (I think its about art or knick-knacks or bratwurst or something), and a scrap booking blog.

So, I write about being drunk while those other people actually have creative thoughts and ideas to express electronically.  And we all consider it to be called “Altered.”

I think I’ll go make a scrap book about me being drunk.  It will consist of an old trapper-keeper with torn beer bottle labels haphazardly decoupaged to each page, followed by a picture of me drinking the beer.  And glitter.  Don’t forget the glitter.




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