Triumphant Return

28 05 2007

I (as well as everybody involved) have returned from our Memorial Day Weekend excursion to “the cabin.”

3 days of swimming, off-roading, eating, drinking, smoking, and general hilarity.

Also, there were two separate occasions of cleaning dog vomit out of the bed of the truck. El Chupacabra really needs get used to riding back there.

New Drink: “Screaming Dewdo.” Vodka, Gin, Red Bull, and some other type of energy drink (one of the varieties that comes in a big can and is “extreme” with the flame graphics) mixed in equal proportions inside of a red party cup.We drank 1 each (besides the countless beers, of course) at about 11pm. Around 4am, we were way too wired to go to sleep but entirely too drunk to stay awake. Quite a sensation. It also might have something to do with the prior vodka/red bull that we all imbibed BEFORE deciding to make the Screaming Dewdos. As per any good drink invention, it was the result of mixing ALL the remaining liquors and energy drinks in an effort to get drunk quickly. Good times.

I believe all the hip, trendy youth fuel I consumed last night made me feel ill today. I don’t usually EVER drink those energy drinks because I don’t enjoy the false sense of energy they chemically induce. As such, my body is really not used to the potency, and the entire next day (today) I felt terrible. I can’t blame it on the alcohol, because I have consumed WAY more then what I did last night in a single session and not even noticed anything the next morning. In fact, there are often times when I go to bed drunk and wake up feeling refreshed.

Also, didn’t see a Sasquatch, but somebody claimed to see a bear.

On a separate note, I left my bottle of Burn Baby Burn Revolutionary Hot Sauce on the pantry above the stove at the cabin. I have not posted the review of said hot sauce, but after eating it with the Boca Burger sometime last week it quickly became my new favorite. More on that…eventually. While the cabin is only 90 minutes away, I don’t think I’m going to make the drive back for a bottle of hot sauce.

We cooked a tri-tip with a liberal glaze of BBB, and it was quite a hit. At least it was among the guys and, of course, the Jamaican girl from whom I borrowed the Grace Pepper Sauce. As usual, the other girls found it “too hot.” Silly girls. Besides the tri-tip, the sauce pretty much went on every type of meat that was consumed, including ground turkey tacos and some carne asada.

So welcome home all the rest of you Memorial Day Weekend adventurers. Welcome home indeed.




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29 05 2007

Lucky! Hopefully I’ll make it up to the cabin this weekend. We had some tri tip the other day too but it wasn’t spicy. Changed things up and marinated it in some balsamic vinegar, garlic and olive oil. Was pretty good, not spectacular. But came up with a new chicken marinade that you guys HAVE to try sometime soon! I’ll e-mail it to Corinne, it’s super easy and good.

29 05 2007

Hahaha…just realized I said “make it up to the cabin this weekend.” I meant to say “this summer.” July or August, most likely. We’ll see. I want to go!

29 05 2007

Cool, I’ll see you there. You bring the food, I’ll eat it.

30 05 2007

….and ill pack up the leach line with some huge dumps!

1 06 2007
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