Jan Terri

30 05 2007

Be sure to check out the new Jan Terri Page, its loaded full Jan Terri Goodness.

I know that the Jan Terri videos started appearing around the internet a few years back, but since now that I have a blog to put stuff on, she gets yet another page on the interwebs to display her work.

This morning, I was doing my usual web browsing and came across one of her videos, all by itself. Not being the first time I’ve seen Jan in action, I decided to look a little deeper into her and figure out why. And by “why,” I mean: “Why do these videos exist? Is this woman serious? What is she up to now?”

And I mean that with all due respect, because after researching a little bit about Jan I have come to respect her and her music. She was doing what she loved, and having a good time.

After all, its not Jan’s fault that VHS isn’t the best method to record music videos.

More info on Jan Terri can be found on my Jan Terri Shrine, as well as a link to a rather interesting article about her 15 minutes of “fame.”




2 responses

31 05 2007

Ok, now I get it.

28 07 2008
Not Nicole

I disagree with your VHS comment

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