Ernest “goes” to Camp?

31 05 2007

Why is it called “Ernest GOES to Camp?” Its not like he “went” to camp as a camper, he worked there as the camp grounds keeper/handyman/buffoon.

After all, the other movies are named correctly, aren’t they?

Ernest “saves” Christmas? Indeed, he does save Christmas.

Ernest “goes” to Jail? Truthfully, he does go to jail.

Ernest “scared” Stupid? Yes, Ernest does get scared stupid.

Ernest “rides” Again? As a matter of fact, he does ride again. And again, and again.

Ernest “goes” to School? Here, he actually does “go” somewhere, namely school.

“Slam Dunk” Ernest? Verily, Ernest does perform many slam dunks, so no complaint there.

Ernest “goes” to Africa? Again, he actually does “go” to Africa.

So really, “Ernest goes to Camp” should have been called: “Ernest, an employee at a camp, foils Dean Wormer’s plan of becoming an even more wealthy, corrupt asshole.”

Yes, I left out “Ernest goes to Splash Mountain,” but that was made for television and only 8 people besides myself have actually seen it.




2 responses

2 06 2007

i cant belive you used the word “buffoon”, gay.

2 06 2007

Whatever, you paunchy elf-skinned mammet.

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