Jumping the Gun

31 05 2007

You can now subscribe to this blog via an RSS feed or through email.

The links are on the top of the sidebar on the main page, in case you haven’t noticed.

Some of you would say: “Why bother?”

I agree. But it keeps you, the reader, from having to needlessly check the blog for new stuff. In actuality, it has a negative effect on my blog stats, because people tend to only check the blog if there is an update, rather then check 2 or more times per day.

However, I’m willing to take that risk with all 10 or so of you that actually do read any of my crap.

The way I understand it is, my blog stats level out, my feed stats go up, and good stuff happens. At least thats what I think will happen. If not, oh well.




2 responses

1 06 2007

I subscribed!

2 06 2007

i say fuck that and burn the internet down!

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