8 06 2007

I got into an apparently bad auto accident yesterday, and supposedly my back hurts. Whatever.

My wrist hurts more, and thats from an injury I sustained after I got home last night.

Anyway, I was going to finish up QUEST TO DESTROY ALL ENGRAMS!, but my wrist hurts when I type. And I have to go to work earlier now since I don’t have a car of my own. Sucks.

Yeah yeah, nobody was hurt and everybody was insured. I have some pics of my car, but I can’t figure out how to get them off my phone. I’ll work on it.




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8 06 2007

Were you working at the time? Glad you’re ok!

8 06 2007

I was westbound on Herndon just past Willow. They are doing some construction on both the road and on the north side (Housing, of course) of the road. The left lane was closed, so only the center and right lanes were open. I was in the right lane when I decided to see if I could fit underneath a Lincoln Navigator.

8 06 2007

Well, again, glad you’re ok. I take it your car didn’t fare quite as well?

8 06 2007

Nope, I probably won’t get to see it for a few weeks, if I ever see it again.

10 07 2007
All it took was some acid and a crowbar to get a day off work « Macgyvers Roll of Duct Tape

[…] I use my own car for work, but its been in the shop for the last few weeks for the “fender bender” I had in the beginning of June.  So, since then, I’ve been using the work […]

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