El Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce

9 06 2007

No picture of this one, sorry.  I don’t feel like finding the camera, cleaning off the counter, etc.  However, the El Yucateco website should be more than acceptable.   Dig that funky beat.

I didn’t eat this sauce on my usual Boca Burger, as I have been out of those for about a week now.  I have been eating it on Chile Rellano, Carnitas, and the ever popular turkey tacos.

I like the color a lot, its such a bright green.  And eating bright green things are always fun.  It reminds me of mutagenic ooze or some other childhood plaything.

The flavor is excellent, it has a real pepperish taste (as any good sauce should).  What I like most is the heat.  Its hotter then Burn Baby Burn, which has been bumped down to number 2 on my list, as El Yucateco has stolen my heart….throat?  Stomach?  Whatever, its my new favorite.

Last night, me and my BFF Joe went through half a bottle of El Yucateco on no less than 10 turkey tacos each.  I was feeling rather good after drinking 4 Coors Lights (of course), 3 Bodingtons Pub Ales, and two glasses of wine, so I’m guessing it was 10 tacos, although it was probably more for me.  I do recall the entire table cheering me on to stuff an entire taco in my mouth.  DANCE MONKEY DANCE!

Anyway, El Yucateco is good stuff.  So why am I up so early after a night of drinking and eating?

A quarter bottle of El Yucateco Green Habanero Hot Sauce requires you by law to have no less then 4 flaming bowel movements the next morning.




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9 06 2007

The web site says to use it in guacamole, I bet that would be good! Mmmmm…now I want guacamole! Too bad Italy has no love for the avocado. I’m not paying 2 dollars for one of those shitty avocados at the commissary. 😦

9 06 2007

Anything that requires you to have a flaming bowel movement has to be good. Has anyone seen my A-n-D ointment?

11 06 2007

i got burnt too…………..by Nair!

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