Some good ol’ boys, the conclusion.

11 06 2007

I’ve seen lots of puddles in my time. Deep ones, shallow ones, murky ones, clear ones, etc.

This puddle was deep enough to submerge the entire back end of the Jeep, seat and all. The only thing above water was the front seats, the engine, and the spare tire on the tail of the Jeep.

Wyatt and David are standing on the back of the Jeep holding on to the roll bar and their beers, I’m sitting in the passenger seat with my feet under a foot of water, and Jarret is engaging the 4-wheel drive (A little late for that, I think to myself).

Jarret proclaims that he is not going to get wet, and proceeds to climb onto the hood in order to engage the lockers on the front tires (The devices that prevent the tires from independently spinning while the vehicle is in 4-wheel drive).

In order for Jarret to climb onto the hood, somebody has to keep their foot on the gas pedal in so that the tailpipe will not flood and shut the engine off. If the engine shuts off while under water, thats bad, because there is no starting it until the water drains out. At least thats my understanding of the situation. Makes sense to me.

Since I’m in the front seat, I am the obvious choice to keep my foot on the gas. From the exhaust pipe, water and air is bubbling out, and out of the sides of the hood water is spraying up and out. This is good stuff.

Jarret climbs back in, we do a gas pedal exchange, and he proceeds to drive the Jeep back and forth in an effort to get it unstuck off of the muddy bottom. As he is doing this, water and mud is being kicked up 10 feet in the air from the front tires, dousing all of us with good ol’ San Joaquin silt.

Unfortunately, rocking the Jeep back and forth only got it stuck deeper, so we had to jump to shore.

We are within walking distance of the house, so its not like we are stranded in the middle of the country. No worries. On top of that, we all have cell phones anyway.

Those crazy country boys, with their Jeeps, beers, and cellular telephones.

As we are walking up the sandy hill back to the main road, Jarret, Wyatt, and David are joking about how Dominic will drive by and help pull the Jeep out.

When we get to the top of the hill, like clockwork, Dominic drives up on his way to go fishing.

After a few pulls with his big F-350 Diesel, the Jeep lurches out of the mud enough for Jarret to drive it up the bank, and we return to the house.

Late for dinner, I might add.




6 responses

15 06 2007

hope you learned something’. 🙂

18 06 2007

Jason you are one crazy MOFO! I found your blog on Pinch and read this story. haha, your play by play’s are pretty funny you crazy man.
Say hi to the wifey for me and stay out of trouble, if you can!

18 06 2007

Indeed, Ruby.

19 06 2007

You left out the important part…what was for dinner?

20 06 2007

Its considered local delicacy. People around here think its the best meat EVER. It has three “tips.”

And you needed to ask?

22 06 2007

Hey, it IS the best thing around here since sliced bread! And those enchiladas my mom made weren’t half bad either, considering she’s as white as can be. 🙂

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