15 06 2007

Now that it’s a few weeks deep into summer break, I’m actually working a normal 8-5 schedule.

I think that those hardcore bloggers must not actually have real jobs, because I’m finding it difficult to update and write daily.  Its not that I don’t have time, its just that my day isn’t interesting enough to mention anything.

Sure, I might have some crazy stories about the crap my students tried to pull, but it’s never really worth mentioning, its all pretty mundane unless I get a REALLY unskilled one.

And the whole hot sauce thing is still happening, but I don’t have any pictures of them to put up, and that makes me feel unprofessional.  Maybe that is to extreme a word for how I feel, but I’ll leave it there.

Yesterday I got one of them there “Dash” phones.  Its a pretty slick setup.  I don’t know if I will use every feature it offers, but since I didn’t pay full price ($100 to a coworker friend of mine who needed to offload a few “old” phones) I don’t feel so bad.  I also got a Blackberry Pearl for Corinne, who despite getting the slightly used phone that she has been wanting for months, still is jealous of my slightly used Dash.

Maybe I can use the Dash to write blogs while I’m sitting in my car for 8 hours a day.  Probably not.

Also, the Bermuda grass I seeded the front yard with is sprouting.  In a few weeks, it will overrun all the old grasses and weeds.  Everything is falling into place…..

For now though, I must get ready for work.

Wow, I wrote a post without even trying.  Crazy stuff.




One response

19 06 2007

So if Corinne has a blackberry, does that mean she will be more likely to e-mail me? Probably not. Every once in a while I think that maybe I’ll try to update my blog daily but it never seems to work out. I want an iphone. And I WILL get one. I’m trying to figure out how much stuff in my house I would have to sell in a yard sale in order to afford one. Hmmmm…wonder how much I could get for Justin’s PS3 on ebay…

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