Upgrade your ram for 3 pence? Part II

22 06 2007

In the last year, my father acquired my sisters old computer after she got a new one. A hand-me-UP, I suppose.

Anyway, we were visiting my parents in Arizona, so I set up the computer for him. By the way, they had already waited something like 4 months for a visit from me so I could set it up. Don’t ask why my sister didn’t just set it up, or have one of her teenage children do it for her.

It was a 2000-ish “e-Machine”. Not a bad computer when it came out, and it was still working well enough in 2006-2007 for whatever purposes my father had in mind. Surely he wasn’t planning on hacking the NASA mainframe, so I wasn’t worried about any memory limitations (That goes for my father, as well).

Keep in mind my father is in his mid-sixties, but could pass for a late octogenarian based on his medical records.

So I take 10-14 minutes out of my busy visitation schedule to set up the computer (you know, hook up the inputs and outputs, then plug it in), and come to find out that I can’t set up the internet because their ISP had no office hours on the weekend (It was some lame local dial-up ISP that marketed their services to senior citizens)

Seeing as how I only see my parents every 6 months or so, I hope that my sister will set up the internet for him, because there is no point waiting another 6 months when she lives 30 minutes away (In comparison to the 10 hours away that I live). Fortunately, within the next month or so, she manages to get it set up. (Even though she only visits on the weekends, when the ISP offices are closed).

I’m not sure if my father ever did use the internet, but he was always calling me with questions about the computer in general. At least he was always leaving me questions on the answering machine, because he would only call the house phone (at the house where I spend maybe 9-10 hours a day in, and during those hours my father is surely asleep because I know I am) rather then call my cell which is always in my pocket and turned on.

I won’t get into details about the questions, because honestly I can’t remember them all. Lets just say they were really dumb questions and my 12 year old nephew could have done a better job answering them (Mostly because he wouldn’t get frustrated at his own grandfather and call him a “senile old fool” in his responses).

Is it possible to be senile and young?

The one reoccurring issue, however, was that no matter how much my sister, her teenage children or I searched, we could not find solitaire on that damn computer. I think it got deleted when they wiped the memory prior to handing it over to dad. One of the biggest things my father wanted to do was play a few games of solitaire during his waking hours in between his other 18 hours of watching television, tinkering with DIY projects, and waiting to die.

In the end, I pretty much told him to trash the computer because the problems he was having were based on the fact that the computer was 6 years old. And as we all know, a computer being 6 years old is a problem in itself.

I think for Christmas this year I’ll get my dad a high quality hand held solitaire game. Maybe it will have poker on it too, if I can afford to spend the $10 at Target. I think I have coupons anyway.




2 responses

23 06 2007

I got my grandmother hand-held Tetris a couple years ago for Christmas and I think she liked it more than any gift she had ever received in her life 🙂 She was totally addicted to tetris on the computer but when she got her latest iMac, she was never able to find the version of tetris that she liked so much on her other computer.

5 07 2007

Wait…your computer has solitare on it?

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