“smart” phone

26 06 2007

I recently got a T-Mobile Dash, which is classified as a “smart” phone.

Below are my 3 reasons as to why it should be re-classified as a “retarded” phone.

  1. It is not capable of downloading ring tones, wallpapers, or applications from T-Mobile.
    • This is because T-Mobile expects you to transfer everything from your own computer using the included USB cable.
  2. Because you cannot download ring tones, you have to download entire songs (or other such noises) which can then be set as any system sound. This ring tone issue brings up several more issues.
    • Nobody really wants an ENTIRE song as a ring tone, just the cool part of the song.
    • Generally, downloaded ring tones are just a sampling of the song, generally the chorus.
    • In order to have a cool ring tone on a dash, you are limited to songs with cool openings and intros, because that is the only part of the song you are going to hear.
  3. The Dash only plays MP3 files, which is odd considering it is using a Windows Mobile 6 Media Player to play any song you transfer to the phone (I thought that a media player was supposed to play ALL media, not just MP3 files).
    • The most common method to acquire songs these days is iTunes.
      • When you purchase a song from iTunes, it is in an MP4 format, which cannot be played on a Dash (see 3).
    • When you purchase a song from iTunes, it is copyrighted, so the file is not able to be converted to an MP3 format.

Of course, there are ways around all of this nonsense, but it’s a pain in the ass.

Overall, I like the Dash. Its a cool phone, for sure.

But apparently, in order to have cool ring tones, you must own the CD of the song you want, as well as some sort of digital audio editing software.




3 responses

27 06 2007

If you pick my name for Christmas this year, I want an iphone 🙂

27 06 2007

Will do.

If you get me, don’t forget that I want a Mini Cooper (Black and Silver, if possible.

28 06 2007

Oooooh…I want one of those, too!

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