The limo ride

30 06 2007

Last night I attended my Godsons first birthday party. Like any good first birthday party, there was cake, lots of people, a bounce house boxing ring, and a keg.

After things were winding down after 1am (I guess that’s what time it was), I ended up taking a bit of a nap on the deflated bounce house. Not on purpose, mind you.

The supply fan was turned off, and I jumped onto a corner post to see how much air was in it.
Apparently, bounce houses hold their shape even after they are totally out of air.

When I hit the big, yellow corner post, it instantly gave away and flattened, forcing me to perform a full body slam, face down, into the dirt. I’m pretty sure I bruised my pelvis when I hit the ground.

Anyway, after a while I rolled over and laid on my back, dozing in and out of sleep for what seemed to be forever. I could still hear people around me doing whatever, and eventually I got up and probably ate another piece of cake.

So when it was time to go, I hitched a ride with a few of my buddies who had the (intermittent) services of a limo for the evening.

Jeremy, Dan, Kyle, Jess and I get into the back of a pretty fancy (yet pretty standard) limousine. There are neon lights, a bar, a television, all the normal stuff you’d expect in a rental. The limo was driven by TJ, who is Jeremy’s room mate.

He dropped those four off at the party before his shift, and picked us up at the end. So thats what I mean by “intermittent” services.

And now, I’m afraid I must finish this another time, for Corinne and I are departing on a spur of the moment weekend vacation.




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