Visiting Mono Lake is still better than….

29 07 2007

Whilst we were on our Mammoth Lakes trip, we decided to swing by Mono Lake on our way back home, since we don’t often get over to the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Of all the things to do while visiting the east side of the Sierra Nevada’s, seeing Mono Lake is probably the last thing worth doing. Unless you enjoy walking through swarms of insects and smelling funky smells, that is.

Here is how you get down to the lake after parking and paying $3 (U.S.) a person. $3 a person, you say? Do they at least put bourbon in the lake for that much? Sadly, the answer is no.

Anyway, the boardwalk is about 1/4 a mile long, winding through the Read the rest of this entry »


The Simpson’s Movie

26 07 2007

Corinne and I went to go wait in line at the theater about 2 hours before show time, and the line was wrapped around the building. We knew tickets were oversold, so we got out of there and didn’t even waste our time.

People were at the front of the line with chairs and camping gear. If you see that kind of crap, you’re better off just leaving.

Instead, we went to look at Read the rest of this entry »

Rush, Fly By Night, etc.

25 07 2007

This blog has nothing to do with Rush or their song, Fly by Night.

Anyway, we’ve been back from Mammoth Lakes since Monday evening, and I haven’t had any time to post anything.

I still don’t have any time, but here is some vital info.

Expect a post about Mono Lake, the dreariest, crappiest lake in California.

Also, I’m sure I’ll do some sort of exposition on Read the rest of this entry »

ManMoth Lakes continued

20 07 2007

I like it here, its a really great place.

I just wish it was about 5,000 feet lower.

Altitude sickness is a bitch.

Mammoth Lakes (the town) is at about 8,000 feet. Today we went to the top of Mammoth Mountain, which is at Read the rest of this entry »

ManMoth Lakes

19 07 2007

We (yes, we) will be leaving for Mammoth Lakes, CA today.  We will return in a few days.  Maybe I’ll have something to write about then.  Probably.

Anyway, I have to do dishes, take out garbage, take care of some hot sauce thats been inside me for 12 hours, shower, take 2/3 of our dogs to a kennel, then sit at home until Corinne gets back from her “few hours” at work so we can leave.


17 07 2007

For the last few days, life has been rather usual and uninspiring.  Not to say that nothing has happened, but to say that nothing I should post here has happened.

On Thursday we will be leaving for Mammoth Lakes.  Does anybody want to dog sit one or two of our dogs and save us $200?

4 years ago…

13 07 2007

Yesterday (Or maybe the day before, I can’t quite remember exactly) marked 4 years of NOT being in the Navy. Which also means that I am no longer in the Inactive Reserves, which means that unless a draft is implemented, I won’t be summoned to “fight” for this ridiculous country.

And by “fight,” I mean “fix, repair, and maintain shipboard electronics, communication and navigation devices.”

So to celebrate, I Read the rest of this entry »