All it took was some acid and a crowbar to get a day off work

10 07 2007

Click here for a relevant article, then read it.

Anyway, I work at one of those places.

I went in on Monday morning and got a phone call just as I was turning into the parking lot. It was the executive secretary at the office letting me know that I didn’t have to come in to work because all the cars had been vandalized.

“Vandalized” was not the term I would have used. “Raped, pillaged, and plundered” is a better term.

Normally, I use my own car for work, but its been in the shop for the last few weeks for the “fender bender” I had in the beginning of June. So, since then, I’ve been using the work cars.

My car is supposed to be ready tomorrow afternoon, so I can start using it again for work on Thursday.

However, my car was supposed to be ready last Friday as well, so I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway, the work cars were totaled. All the insides had to be ripped out because of the acid, like the article said. My big loss was my Initech coffee mug, which was in the glove compartment, and my map book, which was in the back seat.

I really enjoyed that Initech coffee mug, I would often drink from it while instructing the students and saying things like “Yeah, your gonna need to make a left turn up ahead,” only to have the joke lost on just about every 15 and 16 year old I was with at the time.

The map book wasn’t such a big deal, as it was a few years old (2004). Also, the Windows Live on my “smart” phone for pretty much replaced that map book anyway.
I had yesterday off, like the title mentioned, and half the day today. I was expecting to be off for the rest of the week, or until I got my car back. No such luck.

Today (or yesterday) my boss went and purchased two 2007 Toyota Corollas, and they were ready for work this afternoon.

I was awoken this morning at about 8:30 by a call from the executive secretary at work letting me know that I had a lesson in the afternoon. I asked which car I was going to be driving, and she said: “Oh, boss man bought some brand new Hyundai Camry’s for youze guys!” (She’s Mexican. That still doesn’t explain her choice of words and her accent, but nevertheless she is Mexican. And I don’t mean to disrespect, she’s a great lady, I’m just quoting her.)

Anyway, whats weird is that when I got the call at around 8:30am, Corinne was still in bed next to me. (She has to be at work at 8am, like everybody else.) I woke her up, told her it was 8:30, and she said “I know.” So cute she is.

So that’s what has been going on for the last two days.




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