Rush, Fly By Night, etc.

25 07 2007

This blog has nothing to do with Rush or their song, Fly by Night.

Anyway, we’ve been back from Mammoth Lakes since Monday evening, and I haven’t had any time to post anything.

I still don’t have any time, but here is some vital info.

Expect a post about Mono Lake, the dreariest, crappiest lake in California.

Also, I’m sure I’ll do some sort of exposition on Mammoth and Yosemite National Park.

Also also, Corinne and I ran into Ruby and her people at Loon Wah last night. Do any of you care? Probably not, but I’m sure Ruby will be delighted to see her name up in text on this blog.

Tonight, Corinne and I are going to the Fresno premiere of The Simpson’s Movie at Manchester (Of all the places, right?) Thanks again Matt. So, expect some sort of review.

Until then, its left over hunan chicken for me.




One response

20 08 2007
Ruby Berry

“her people”!! ha-ha
I was a little excited!

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