The Simpson’s Movie

26 07 2007

Corinne and I went to go wait in line at the theater about 2 hours before show time, and the line was wrapped around the building. We knew tickets were oversold, so we got out of there and didn’t even waste our time.

People were at the front of the line with chairs and camping gear. If you see that kind of crap, you’re better off just leaving.

Instead, we went to look at next generation modular homes. Pretty cool stuff. All the ones we looked at put our little bungalow to shame. We will totally be getting one of those if I ever get a real job and we can afford to purchase land, buy the home, and pay the transportation and installation fees.

Whats weird is that in California, all that stuff will still cost less then buying the type of “real” house we want in the city.




One response

26 07 2007

Do it, that would be awesome. Didn’t Corinne tell you we used to live in a double wide? LOL

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