Green Bay nightlife

14 08 2007

We did a bit of bar hopping last night.  Not unsupervised bar hopping, but with a guide of sorts.  And by “guide” I mean “regular at all of the bars we went to.”

I’m still not tripping about this experience any less.  If anything, the bars we went to last night made me even more confused about reality and the Midwest’s role in the eternal cosmos.

Our guide (who is technically what would be considered a “step-aunt”) ordered what she called an “old fashioned.”  I’ve heard of those before, I tasted hers, and it was pretty good.  The weird thing was that she asked for it with olives and mushrooms. 

Mushrooms?  In a drink?  Amazing.

More about last night when I can get the pictures up. 

Today we are going to a cheese factory.  Seriously.

Also, if the weather gets better, we are going fishing on some sort of lake in some sort of boat. 




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15 08 2007

mmm gonna have to get that recipe, lol! hope youre having fun back there, Nicole and I are planning a huge party at your place, hope you don’t mind 🙂

16 08 2007


20 08 2007
Pork Chop Sandwiches, Grenades, and “Special” Bartenders « Macgyvers Roll of Duct Tape

[…] Palukas is also where Corinne’s step-aunt Patti had her “Old Fashioned,” that crazy drink with the mushrooms. […]

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