Green Bay nightlife

14 08 2007

We did a bit of bar hopping last night.  Not unsupervised bar hopping, but with a guide of sorts.  And by “guide” I mean “regular at all of the bars we went to.”

I’m still not tripping about this experience any less.  If anything, the bars we went to last night made me even more confused about reality and the Midwest’s role in the eternal cosmos.

Our guide (who is technically what would be considered a “step-aunt”) ordered what she called an Read the rest of this entry »


De Pere, Wisconsin

13 08 2007

This place is such a trip. 

I’m guessing the Midwest in general is a trip for anybody from the east or west coasts. 

No time to discuss details, but let me just say “church sponsored fake duck shooting with high powered rifles.”

Cheese it!

10 08 2007

Today Corinne and I are leaving for Green Bay to visit her grandmother and grandma’s 3rd husband.  We will be back early next week.  Expect some sort of post about cheese.

Who is to say the rest of us are “normal?”

8 08 2007

This week I have a student that would be considered a “special needs” student.  He had an IEP (Individual Education Plan) made for him in high school.  To put it another way, he “rode the short bus” to school.

This is the second student I have had with some sort of learning disability or mental handicap.

And I need to clear the air and put out that both of these students are/were better drivers then most of the 16 year old “normals” I get assigned to.

Slut prevention

7 08 2007

Finally, there is swim wear available (again) for women that don’t wish to considered sluts.

Or, swim wear for women that shouldn’t have their bodies exposed to the general public because they could be considered “aesthetically displeasing.”

Search Engine Hilarity – Limos for my party

5 08 2007

Somebody was directed to this blog by Googling “Limos for my party.”

Again, an example of people typing full blown questions into search engines.

Whats weird though is that my hit was six pages deep into the search, so why would anybody even look that many pages into the whole thing.

Can you imagine the level of brain that looks 6 pages into a search before redefining their search parameters?

(Not my joke, but still fitting)

Aloha, Grandpa.

5 08 2007

Yesterday (Saturday) I had to work a few hours to make up for the two half days off I took this week to get my car repaired (Which itself is another story).

One of the students that I picked up yesterday lived in Woodward Lake, which for those of you that don’t live around here is a large, planned community for some of Fresno’s richest people. The community includes a large, man-made lake surrounded by some of the more expensive homes, all of which have private docks with small water craft.

But all that information is hardly necessary, so I’ll get on with it.

During some student-teacher conversations on his previous lessons, he told me that he was Read the rest of this entry »