Black Butte, Ducks, and more Beer.

17 09 2007

On Friday afternoon me and some friends drove from Fresno to Eugene, Oregon. It is about 10 hours away, just about 630 miles, and I’m definitely all about my new favorite beer, Black Butte Porter.

I even love the label art. But most of all, I really love this beer. It’s quite dark, but leaves a sweet taste in the mouth, unlike other dark beverages.

I apologize for the shoddy picture, as well for the rest of the pictures in this post, as I was armed only with the 2.1 (or maybe its 1.2?) gig camera on my phone. It takes some decent wide shots, but any close ups are right out blurry.

Moving on, let me point out the empty bottle of rum in the background. I didn’t drink any the night this picture was taken (Friday), I was saving it for a special occasion. What is this occasion, you ask?

The U of O Ducks are playing the Fresno Bulldogs the following day, and we had to make some preparations. One of those preparations was driving to Eugene so we could watch the game.

With that out of the way, I just had to fill up my flask with liquor for the game.

Either way, it was quite the trip. Joe and I came to the conclusion that Ducks fans are so serious about their team because Oregon has no professional football. College football is all these peaceful tree-huggers have to watch on Saturday afternoons, so they really get into it.

For example, unless you “know somebody,” you can’t really park anywhere near the stadium. The spots near the stadium are reserved for tailgating (with reservations only) and for general parking for the elite folk of Oregon.

Even though we did “know somebody,” he wasn’t able to score us a parking spot near the stadium. He did get us some last minute tickets, so we are very thankful to this person who will remain anonymous. I don’t want him to be pointed out for getting tickets to non-Oregonians.

So where did we park? Somewhere nearly a mile away from the stadium, in one of the many makeshift lots in the surrounding areas. Eugene citizens that live near the stadium have, of course, adapted to the parking predicament and started charging anywhere between $5 and $20 for the ability to park on their front lawn or adjoining vacant lot.

I’m not sure what the open container or public drinking laws are in Oregon, but I know for sure that we were parked in a $5 lot, on the corner of a major intersection, drinking beer with the rest of the visiting Fresno State fans.

Sure, it’s a small crowd, but they were well prepared with a high quality propane grill, a keg of home made ale (which I didn’t sample after negative reactions from all of those who did), and lots of canned/bottled beer. As is to be expected, they were all good people, probably because of the alcohol consumption. A few of them actually lived in Oregon, but grew up in or around Fresno.

After about 2-3 hours of drinking, it was time to start the hike to the game.

Stay tuned…




8 responses

18 09 2007

If you only knew how much Black Butte Porter I used to drink..

Thinking about it now, I really don’t know how I’m still alive.

18 09 2007

In my opinion I didn’t drink enough Black Butte Porter.

20 09 2007

Ah good ol’ Black Butte. For a while, it was everywhere in Portland. It was the beer du jour, it was always on tap, and I drank an embarrassing quantity of it! I think Mirror Pond over took it.

Since moving to Atlanta, I’m a bit out of touch with the Portland beer scene. It pleases me no end to be able to buy Bridgeport and Rogue here, but sadly most Portland beer is unavailable here. I miss these beers, and I really miss my college town brew Red Thistle Ale. On my roadtrip from there to here, I brought a couple of sixpacks of that with me, along with Full Sail Session.

20 09 2007

And McMenamins ruby! How could I forget that! LOL

20 09 2007

What sucks is that the Portland beer scene is only in Portland. I can’t even get Portland beers in California, and I’ve even looked at Bev-Mo.

20 09 2007

Ah yes, Mirror Pond. Mmmmmmm. And Bridgeport Blue Heron. Mmmmmmmm. I love McMenamins Ruby but I like it best mixed half and half with Terminator A.K.A Rubinator. Mmmmmmm…McMenamins burgers and a pitcher of Rubinator. Those were the days. *sigh*

20 09 2007
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20 09 2007
Joe Drinker

Mmmm…that’s good stuff. I remember what it tasted like it was yesterday..

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