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25 09 2007

I’ve been rather busy with school, work, and Warcraft III. I wish I didn’t start playing that infernal game again, but it was either that or start taking OxyContin again.

Kidding, of course, but you get the idea.

I don’t foresee school work settling down until about late December, so I’ll do my best. I need to finish my tale about the Eugene road trip for sure. I’ll probably get that done Thursday night in class.

Speaking of OxyContin, today I had a lesson with a student that I hadn’t seen since last April. She was sixteen at the time, and had the appearance of a typical 16 year old white girl. Now she is 17, and today she told me that since her last lesson so long ago, she got addicted to OxyContin and had to put herself into unofficial rehab (whatever that means). Like I said, 5 months ago she looked young, today she looked like she was in her late twenties, and had also put on nearly 40 pounds (although the 40 pounds did make her fill out and look like a women rather then a girl). Terribly tragic, if I do say so myself. Hence the OxyContin joke.

She was in good spirits, though. She was telling me how for Halloween this year she wants to be Uma Thurman’s character from Pulp Fiction, so she needs to lose weight and get back down to the size of a coke addict. I hope she doesn’t get addicted to coke in the process.

Anyway, despite my not having any time to update, I managed to just write a blog post. How ironic.




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26 09 2007

Gotta be careful with the OxyContin. It’s not known as the most addictive prescription drug on the market today for nothing. I can’t remember if I told you yet, but I now work for a pharmaceutical benefits management company. You probably deal with us since our biggest client is the Department of Defense. So I fix people’s prescription problems by day and design t-shirts by night. Doesn’t leave me any room to fight crime, but I still want an action figure damn it.

26 09 2007

That’s all good Steve, glad to see your employed. But what does the Department of Defense have to do me?

And I’ll get right on that Action Figure. Todd McFarland owes me a favor.

1 11 2007
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