I need ya’ll’s help!

8 10 2007

Head over to my main sponsor, MOYA Apparel, and order the shirt (or any bit of merchandise with the same graphic) I co-created. It violates some weird copyright law, so it won’t be available for long.  Apparantly, the use of the word “CAUTION” is copyrighted by a mad scientist or something.

By the way, click on the picture to be taken to the site.





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9 10 2007

Ha! Ethan told me that was the reason why it kept rejecting on me. Fine. I’ll play that game. Somebody tell me how I can copyright the word “the”. I’ll make a fortune in royalties!

9 10 2007
Joe Drinker

Seriously? You can’t have the such a word as “caution” in a design? Did they say why?

News to me. CafePress has some strange rules.

9 10 2007

Also, the word “gopher” is copyrighted.

9 10 2007

That’s some weird stuff! So if you drop the “Caution” text, is the t-shirt OK? (The triangle shape kinda implies caution…)

9 10 2007

That’s my understanding of it. If you search CafePress for a “caution” sign, you won’t find any, but there are dozens of generic warning signs. None of them say “caution” though. “Danger,” “Warning,” and others are okay though.

9 10 2007
Joe Drinker

Maybe if you don’t use the word “caution” in the description text or the name. There’s no way they read each design to see what the words say. There always is though the issue that someone will definitely read it when they print it.

9 10 2007

I think they do read each design. When you submit a graphic, it goes into a queue, at which point an actual person or a computer that can read text reviews it. I don’t think its the description, because you can probably submit something with the word “caution,” just not in the context of a “caution sign.” Either way, I got the confirmation email today saying that my order was shipped, so there must be room somewhere for human error.

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