Quid? BBC News is joking, right?

16 10 2007

The Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination, or Quid, will be the money used by international space tourists. 

While I agree that the idea of having a space-friendly currency is a good idea, I think that this is some pretty ridiculous stuff.  I don’t think we are anywhere near the point that this sort of money needs to be available.  Isn’t this sort of jumping the gun a bit?
Next they will have a cure for some intergalactic space virus “just in case” there “happens” to be an outbreak on Earth.  Oh, and guess what?  You can only pay for this anti-virus with Quid.  Sucks to be you, Earthling!

I guess its better then getting RFID tags implanted under our skin.




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16 10 2007
Joe Drinker

Yeah, those look easy to carry. Like yo-yos, without the ease of the carrying string.

16 10 2007

That’s Brit-Comm for the rest of the world!

16 10 2007

Isn’t “quid” already a unit of British money?

16 10 2007

“quid” is slang for “pound”. Not to be outdone by those Limey bastards, we’ll probably come up with a something different like BUCK (Big Universal Currency Key, or whatever).

“Quids are made of the polymer best-known for its use in non-stick pans.” — I thought it was determined that the nonstick stuff in pans was carcinogenic or something. That’s it, no space travel for me!

Hahaha…I’ve never used the term “limey bastard” in my life!

17 10 2007

Your knowledge of 18th, 19th and 20th century derogatory terms for Brits is amazing.

Someday those QUIDS will all have to be converted to Euro’s anyway, so the cancer thing isn’t really an issue.

19 10 2007

Amazing! I wonder how many millions of dollars they spent to develop one five dollar-ish squid that won’t slice and dice you every time you get butter-fingers in space. Now if only they can develop laces that won’t strangle your cat every time you forget to tie your shoes when you are in orbit. I guess they are kind of screwing up the whole space travel hype if you ask me. All I am hearing is if you are even slightly disorganized or the least bit clumsy, something that would be insignificant on Earth will somehow make you either die or cause you to suffer some kind of dismemberment in space. But don’t worry. They’ll probably leave that off of the travel brochure.

20 10 2007

Leave it to Steve to pull out every bit of lunacy from something. Nice work.

What I don’t get, is what money is “sharp” or “dangerous” in the first place? I’ve held a few hundred euro, and I don’t recall any injury from it, and I certainly don’t see how it could injure me in “space.”

20 10 2007

Furthermore, anybody that has watched Star Trek knows that they don’t every have problems with their currency attacking innocent space travelers or equipment. In fact, they don’t even have money, and if they meet a species that uses currency in trade, they just replicate some gold or whatever precious metal they ask for.

In other words, it’s silly to be traveling through space and think there is a need for money. Stupid capitalists.

20 10 2007
Joe Drinker

Put a few hundred euro in change in a pillowcase. Then you’ll see how money can bring the hurt.

21 10 2007

Few hundred euro in change? Of course that would hurt, and I assume a few hundred QUID in a pillowcase would hurt too. A few hundred of anything in a pillowcase would hurt. Except feathers maybe.

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