Such an absolute waste of a day

21 10 2007

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday was to be packed full of events. And it was, more than 12 hours of comings, goings, drinkings, smokings, and eatings.

I don’t have a play by play, because it’s not really interesting enough to warrant such coverage. Don’t get me wrong, it all qualifies as “good times,” but I think it would be presumptuous of me to assume you all need to read about it down to the last detail.

Fresno State beat San Jose (30 – 0), there was lots of beer and rum being consumed (by me, at least), there was some dinner and more beer at Wahoo’s Fish Taco (I’m sure they are everywhere else, but I’ve never heard of it until one recently opened up in Fresno), than there was more beer and liquor at Joe’s Bar, topped off with a custom-ordered girl named Sylvia.

As with any custom ordered product, the final results were not quite up to everybodies expectations. In other words, the “Latina with an athletic body and a cute face” that Ryan requested had a bit of a defect: huge, noticeable braces that twinkled in the blue lighting in the bar.

What kind of business is that girl running if she thinks she can get away with sporting braces? Of course, just doing what she does, she gets away with it. I’m pretty sure a dancer can get away with damn near anything as long as it’s not an absolute turn off. For example, a girl could still make money with an eye patch (pirate wench?), but if she had a prosthetic hand or a wooden leg I’m sure she would have to find another line of work.

Speaking of pirate wenches, whats the deal with Halloween costumes lately? It seems like every year they get sluttier and sluttier. They have whole isles devoted to slutty cops, prisoners, prison guards, pirates, angels, devils, and just about any other stereotypical costume. When did Halloween turn into a “Everybody Dress Like a Stripper with a Theme Day?”

Not complaining, mind you, but whatever happened to sheets with eye holes? Say, that sounds like a good idea for this year…




4 responses

22 10 2007

That might just be the worst heading for a blog ever. Sounds so wrong. =op

24 10 2007

Hey…that day was Ryan’s B-day! and you forgot to mention that the custom ordered girl was not hispanic but filipino…

28 10 2007

It was a crappy game, stupid FSU.

29 10 2007

Yeah, stupid winners!

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