25 10 2007

I was thirsty, so I got some water and put it in my 32 ounce Nalgene bottle.

I drank from the 32 ounce mark down to the 24 ounce mark in a few gulps.  Realizing what I had done, I started drinking again, this time getting down to the 12 ounce mark in 3-4 gulps.

Then I thought about how I just drank twelve ounces of liquid without even struggling.  Then I thought about how much beer I’m known to drink.

The only problem is, beer is cold and bubbly.

So next time I drink, I’m going to make sure the beer is room temperature and flat.

Then again, maybe the reason beer is supposed to be cold and carbonated is so it won’t get gulped down two quickly.





3 responses

25 10 2007
Joe Drinker

So, you’re going to England? I hear that’s the place to be if you like warm beer.

25 10 2007

I am all for gulping, shooting, beer bonging, injecting directly into veins, snorting, transcending to a spiritual plain and becoming one with the beer, and whatever else one can do with –>cheap<– beer. However, a nice full flavor beer deserves to be savored and cherished much like how an Ethiopian might salivate over a tic tac. That’s my opinion.

25 10 2007

As I sit in a California History class during the evening, reading these comments, I suddenly long for a “frosty brew.” I think I will have to purchase some on my way home tonight.

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