Thank you again, Internets

26 10 2007

Would anybody do this?

I would, so long as I could live in the forest for the rest of my life.




6 responses

26 10 2007

There’s one trend from the Lord of The Rings I should of seen coming. I’ll wait till they start doing hobbit-like hair transplant procedures for feet before I jump on the band wagon.

29 10 2007
Joe Drinker

Sure, why not? Anymore you can have horns screwed into your head, or teeth filed down to fangs, and God knows what else people will come up with. I blame Second Life for this.

Slap a tail and some hooves on me and let me run around in the woods all day. Oh, I will probably need a musical ability transplant too…I don’t know how to play the flute.

29 10 2007

I need to get my Wizard’s staff enlarged…

29 10 2007
Joe Drinker

I think Enzyte has the, uh, spell, for you.

29 10 2007

If they pointed my ears they would probably extend over the top of my head. Damn big ears.

29 10 2007

You know what they say about guys with big ears….

They hear really well.

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