Thank you, The Internets

26 10 2007




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26 10 2007

Well, since L. Ron Hubbard started a religion, I guess it’s okay to allow Dean Koontz to start one as well. And besides, Scott Bakula needed a better paying gig anyways.

Interesting side story, that stag is played by Benicio Del Toro. Yes, he’s that good.

27 10 2007

Who said anything about Dean Koontz?

I hear Del Toro is up for an Oscar in the portrayal of Staggie the Scott Bakula Stag.

28 10 2007

No one mentioned Koontz. I just assume that if there was to be any new religions initiated by an author, Dean Koontz is the leading candidate to start such a movement. I was kinda leaning towards Dan Brown for a bit, but he only has four novels to his name. No way can he inspire a religion. He just might have enough literacy credit to pull off a bake sale, but I’m going to have to say no about the religion possibility.

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