Search Engine Hilarity – Uma Thurman

1 11 2007

October 31 – November 1 2007: Total searches for Uma Thurman and Pulp Fiction in which the search yielded results to this blog post are as follows:

“uma thurman pulp fiction” = 22

“Uma Thurman- Pulp Fiction” = 5

“pulp fiction uma thurman” = 4

“pulp fiction uma” = 3

“Uma thurman pulp fiction” = 2

“pulp fiction uma thurman pictures” = 2

“Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction” = 1″pulp fiction + uma thurman” = 1

Why all the Uma Thurman/Pulp Fiction searches? Probably because girls were looking up pictures in order to get ideas for their Mia Wallace costumes.

And November 1st, they were probably looking up the pictures so they can trash the girls who wore Mia Wallace costumes for Halloween.

Update on November 4th @ 1000:  Yesterday up till right now, there were 35 more hits concerning Uma Thurman and Pulp Fiction.  My Halloween theory was wrong.




2 responses

1 11 2007

Pretty good for a movie that came out 13 years ago. Interestingly, not one Borat costume in sight from my last night’s visit to NYC Halloween parade. Either overkilled last year or people simply have short term memory.

1 11 2007

Or, there are to many guys in NYC that already look like Borat, even without a costume.

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