2007 Web Blog Awards

2 11 2007

Feel free to click on this text so that you may be directed to the 2007 Web Blog Award site.

I’m voting for Pinch My Salt for best food blog, as should the rest of you.  You will be rewarded with cookies, meatloaf, and other such food items.  More specifically, you will be rewarded the recipes for such items.

You can vote once per day until the deadline, which is November 8th or 9th.  I forget which one.

In other words, if you read this and have no opinion about who wins the award, do me a favor and vote for Pinch My Salt.

Thanks for your support.

Alas, this blog was not able to get into the final round for my various categories.  Apparently, the other blogs I was up against are more relevant and topical.  Whatever that means.




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