Search Engine Hilarity – Why are Europeans such assholes?

21 11 2007

I don’t think anybody knows the answer to that one.




7 responses

2 01 2009

i thing the biggest assholes are americans

4 05 2009

and why is that just be cause you hear other americans say or do something weird or wrong you blame every american so you the typical jackass voltaaire

9 05 2009

Whoa now, I think we all got off on the wrong foot.

I don’t think Europeans are assholes. Some people do.

I’ve been so Slovakia. It’s a nice place. And so is Texas. There are no doubt assholes from both those places. And there are people that are not assholes in those places.

25 04 2010
mike the bike

Silly question. Most people in a one on one situation are pretty okay. It’s when they get in groups that some of the pathology starts to emerge. Doesn’t just go on with europeans.

12 09 2011

Europeans are assholes, period. Especially the French

6 11 2011

They think they are superior and “how u say” I hate that also

21 03 2012

Europeans are assholes because they are savages who adopted the scientific method…they are stuck up when in fact they are lesser than the rest of the world. ex: they go through a little crisis and because they are self centered they riot like animals.We Americans also have our problems, but we settle it like sophisticated people. and I am talking about the people not government or any branch thereof. Thank You lol

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