Help a white brotha out (not me, by the way)

3 12 2007

Some friends of mine are having a bit of a financial situation due to overpriced medical care.

MOYA Apparel has set up a way to help them out, and it involves a $5 purchase for some neat buttons that you can put on your messenger bag or even use as flair on your suspenders at that goofy-ass restaurant you may or may not work at.

So click here and be a good Samaritan for once.




One response

3 12 2007

Thanks for posting this, man! For those of you who read this, our good friends Anne and Gretch are in a bad situation. Gretch’s diabetes has forced him to take a medical leave of absence to which his insurance will not cover because he has not been with his compnay long enough. Also that same insurance company doesn’t cover some of the medication he absolutley needs so their finances were eaten up getting those meds for him. Also, I might add, Anne and Gretch are expecting their first child in five months. We’re selling those buttons and bumper stickers to help them with everyday stuff like groceries and such. There only $5.00 with shipping for one so it shouldn’t stretch your holdiday budget to pick up one and help some good people out. Thanks guys.

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