Rather Uninspired

29 12 2007

We have returned from Arizona, and by the way Corinne and I went to Arizona for Christmas.

In AZ there was a bit of a reunion, as there were some friends there that I haven’t seen for a long while.  I wish there could have been more time spent with them, but we all had our own schedules since it was Christmas and all.

I must say that the only gift of any worth thus far would have to be my iPod Touch, with which I have already filled 4.5 out of 16 gigs.  That’s just my CD collection and a few assorted downloaded albums.  I have yet to upload many of Corinne’s CD’s, although I doubt I will be able to fill the other 10 or so gigs from that.  Like any woman, she likes womanly music, the likes of which I don’t need to hear.

Anyway, I spent at least 10 hours over the last few days uploading CD’s and hunting down the album art that iTunes couldn’t find on its own.   What’s funny is that a few of my CD’s would inspire iTunes to show album art that was either totally wrong or from some weird foreign release.  Does this happen a lot?  I never actually played around with iTunes until now, as I preferred WinAmp.  Yeah, I’m old school like that.

After having the iPod Touch for a few days now, it makes me really want an iPhone.  I’m pretty sure that was what Apple planned when they released the Touch, the idea being to market an iPhone teaser so people will be compelled to buy the one.  Then, when they release the new iPhone, everybody will be pissed for a few days then go purchase it.  I know I will be waiting for that next generation iPhone.  I heard it will have an espresso maker built in to it.




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29 12 2007

I’m definitely holding out for the built-in espresso maker.

30 12 2007
Joe Drinker

So, you were over here for the holiday, eh? Colder than normal, wasn’t it?

31 12 2007

I suppose so, but then again I’m notorious for not wearing a jacket in AZ. So when I leave some place after 9pm, its always freezing to me. Then again, my father was complaining how cold it was, so I guess it was colder then normal. However, compared to the near freezing temperatures here, it was a tropical paradise.

1 01 2008
Joe Drinker

Emon just posted up a link about a iPod Touch hack that turns it into an iPhone:

4 01 2008

you got an ipod for Xmas? All I got was a sweatshirt. Well it was good to see you again. Hopefully I wont have to wait till next Xmas to see you again. It was nice to talk to someone who isnt a complete tool.

6 01 2008

Same to you I suppose…although I never considered everybody else to be a tool, but I guess you are right.

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