I can so relate to this…

25 01 2008

I just thought she danced weird…

21 01 2008

Maybe this is what happens to Elaine on Seinfeld.

Roller Chester

19 01 2008

Drew at Toothpaste for Dinner is making more then clever, poorly drawn comics.  Check out Roller Chester.

Something rather innovative from Mac

15 01 2008

I’m normally against owning Mac computers, not because I’m one of those die hard PC enthusiasts, but because I’m just accustomed to using a PC with a Windows OS…and I like to have more then one mouse button.

However, if I were to get a new computer now, which I’m not because I just got a new one, it would totally be the MacBook Air. 


(Click here if you would rather not go to the self-riotous, pseudo hip Apple Store, but to Engadget)

Search Engine Hilarity – cucumber ” my rectum”

12 01 2008

Not “cucumber in my rectum”, by the way.  Just a plain old cucumber, my rectum.

Search Engine Hilarity – Oh, Poop! Help! I got outside!

9 01 2008

First, why search for that?

Second, why is it that when you Google that, this post is first on the list?

Another reason to stay celibate.

9 01 2008

This hurts just thinking about it.