Finally, I can have the faint odor of “wood.”

2 01 2008
Thank you, Tom’s of Maine.



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7 01 2008

I was so excited about your new deodorant that I bought some for myself. Ok, I actually wasn’t excited about yours. I just ran out of deodorant and happened to be at the health food store when I remembered to buy some. No, not woodspice. Apricot! It’s the new ‘long lasting’ kind from Tom’s. We’ll see. I haven’t had the best luck with natural deodorant in the past but I’ve always been worried that antiperspirants are really bad for me.

9 01 2008

Hows that coffee treating you?

10 01 2008

Coffee doesn’t make me sweat so much since I’ve been drinking my new half-caff blend 🙂

10 01 2008

update: the long-lasting apricot deodorant works great!

24 01 2008

Hmm. It’s made with hops. Samuel Adams is made with a pound of hops. Perhaps this is why the Boston Lager has a somewhat soap-like taste. I wonder… Not knocking Samuel Adams or anything. I like the stuff.

25 01 2008

I’m knocking Samuel Adams….I hate that soapy flavor. Although Sam Adams “Winter Fest” (or Winter Ale or Winter Brew or Winter Lager…Its winter “something”) is pretty good.

28 01 2008

The smell of “wood” sound tantalizing!

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