I just thought she danced weird…

21 01 2008

Maybe this is what happens to Elaine on Seinfeld.




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21 01 2008

Wow…but this is more of what Kramer used to get when he’d hear Mary Hart’s voice. Remember that episode? You know what got me into commentogenic epilepsy? Her saying:
“I think his music is awesome,” she said. “Now I can see why everyone liked this song.”

21 01 2008

Thought I’d leave this link here as well:

22 01 2008
Joe Drinker

Sounds like somebody’s fishing for a payout…;)

22 01 2008

Thanks for the guitar, now all I have to do is re-unlock my Touch if I want to put it on. I unlocked it once before, had some apps installed, but then I synched it with iTunes and let it do its thing. I wasn’t paying attention, and it automatically re-locked it, removed the apps, and updated the software. Now I’m back to where I was, but someday I’ll get around to repeating the half-hour process.

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